What lezzgo does

lezzgo is the first platform to display all the events happening in your city and allows you to plan your evening with your friends. In lezzgo you can find everything, from the gigs of your favourite band, the cinemas of your city to what's going in theater, talks and poetry slams. With lezzgo you will never miss any gigs of your favourite artists. We inform you when they're performing in your vicinity. Are you new to your town? You don't know any nice places? lezzgo doesn't mind, we simply tell you what's being offered around you.

Why we do it

Lezz go! Let's go out! But... where? Quickly turn on the laptop, Google, city event calendar, events on the website of the regional newspaper, homepages of my favourite pubs, browse through all the cinemas' programmes. Maybe I should visit the theater again. Or what was the name of the cabaret in the city center? Oh no, Dingbat was in my town last week. How could I miss it? — That can't be it! Obviously, there must be an app or a website, where we can find out ALL the events in a city and quickly come up with an evening schedule in some minutes. Well, there is such a thing. But they are all incomplete, either only for certain metropoles or containing only music, or only cinema, or only events, of which they sell tickets, too. We wanted something where one can go when one does NOT yet know exactly what one is going to do, and when one does NOT know by heart all the pubs' names and their websites. Where one can go when one is new in a city. Where one receives good recommendations and ideas for something new. One App, which tells me, when my favourite artist is going to be in town again. Where I can meet my friends at the weekend. One App, which really shows me EVERY single event.

The idea of lezzgo was born.

lezzgo. All events in your city.